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ewsaly Cases Studies and Success Stories of ewsaly Customers

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This is just 1% of our customers who achieve the Top our services. We see their results, but we’re not allowed to talk about those results without their permission. 99% of our customers don’t want other people to know about their success. Many of them are SEO companies and SEO experts. So of course they don’t want. Will you allow us to publish your case study when you achieve The top sales with us? We know that 99% of you would say ‘no’, and we understand that.

That’s why below you can only see case studies of the most brave guys who don’t afraid of their competition that much and allowed us to publish their feedback publicly.

Kali Flores
United States

5 Months

of successful usage of ewsaly services

Case Study: ‘How I reached My goal in weeks with 183% traffic increase’

The results I’ve experienced using your services have been both surprising and exciting to me! I never really expected much results as I only started by buying Facebook Fans and Twitter Fans pointing to my newly started Pages. But 14 days later since the first fan was placed, I was seeing in my analytics page account 183% increase in traffic coming from Google search! According to SEMRush, My website now has Many users in USA . And I was not doing any other services methods, so it could not be easier than this!

The 3 things I like the most in ewsaly:

1. I can sort and filter the pages any way I want. So if I need fans from pages at a certain price range, or in specific countries or with specific interesting, etc., I can easily choose the ones that are most relevant to me.

2. I am very happy with the services provided by this company, Fast, Quality , Active Fans.

3. The prices are reasonable and I only pay for actually placed fans. I get refunded when the fans I ordered are not successfully placed.


According to, My Page now has Traffic from USA :

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According to, My website has more than 200% of traffic growth for the past 3 months:

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According to Google Analytics, My website got 183% increase in traffic in 2 weeks after purchasing traffic package at

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According to , her site has acquired Many search traffic throughout October 2013 to February 2014. As you can see from the screenshot below and so great results already.

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